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East Shore Real Estate: What’s for sale in Grasmere?

57 Radcliff Front

“Across the street, at 57 Radcliff Rd., is a house constructed in 1970 on a large lot measuring 123-by-179 feet. With three bedrooms, two bathrooms and an in-ground swimming pool, the asking price is $939,000. This property has been on the market since April 2015, according to SIBOR data.”

Check out our CBS Living Large segment for one of our Luxury homes, 186 Flagg Place in Todt Hill!



Tips for Finding the Perfect Neighborhood

“Make a list of the activities — movies, health club, church, etc. — you engage in regularly and stores you visit frequently. See how far you would have to travel from each neighborhood you’re considering to engage in your most common activities.”


 St. Francis Friary land on Todt Hill to be sold to religious group

“Vacant since it closed its doors in September, the property formerly home to St. Francis Friary and Center for Spirituality on Todt Hill will soon be sold to another religious organization for its activities.”

A Neighborhood of Contrasts

“There is modern, there is old. There is large, there is small. But this is definitely a very quaint and quiet community,” said Mildred Merlucci, who relocated to Staten Island a few decades ago from Brooklyn in search of more light and space.”


 Take the Stress Out of Home Buying

“If you find a home now, don’t try to second-guess interest rates or the housing market by waiting longer — you risk losing out on the home of your dreams. The housing market usually doesn’t change fast enough to make that much difference in price, and a good home won’t stay on the market long.”


 Push afoot for tram to run from St. George to Manhattan

“In its “SITramway – An Aerial Tramway Proposal For New York Harbor,” the SIEDC outlines how a tram, if running 24 hours per day, could move approximately 15,000 people daily to and from Manhattan. This would remove 21 percent of the 75,000 ferry riders from the boats per day.”

staten island tram


Tips for selling your home faster

“Your neighbors are curious and may want to see your house. Instead of contemptuously dismissing them as “Lookie Lous,” Southerland says you should embrace them. Your neighbors can be good assets because they may know people who want to live in the neighborhood and can tell their friends about your property. Invite them to your open houses and offer flyers they can pass along.”

 open house pic

As Luxury Market Soars, A Moment for Concern

“There’s no doubt the industry has a lot to celebrate because of the roaring success on the top end of sales. But underneath that fanfare appears to be a little bit of nervousness that only a few will openly — or even hesitantly — admit. Is the upward trajectory of high-end sales and prices rising too fast?”

Big developments cropping up in Staten Island

“A 630-foot ferris wheel as well as BFC Partners’ Empire Outlets — a $350 million mall and entertainment complex — are slated to come to St. George. Ground was broken on the Empire Outlets last week.”

 Staten Island’s Turning Point?

“Not all of Staten Island, a 58-square-mile borough shaped like a slice of pizza with 470,000 people, is getting equal attention. Developers are mostly targeting a bite-size portion in the northeastern corner, encompassing the waterfront neighborhoods of Stapleton, St. George, Tompkinsville and Clifton, all part of what is often called the North Shore.”

staten island wheel


 If You Want to Buy a Home, Here’s What You Need to Do Now

“What’s more, inventory is expected to loosen up, with 1.9 million units on the market this year—far below the flooded supply of 4 million we saw in 2008. The number of homes that were “flipped” (bought for a quick-sale investment) has dropped for the second year in a row, while the foreclosure rate is less than half what it was two years ago. Those are healthy signs for everyone (except, perhaps, for the small army of TV shows obsessed with renovating and flipping).”

 Contemporary Castle

One of our luxury homes at 186 Flagg Place Featured in Industry Magazine

“At over 7,000 square feet, the home sits on a property of more than 13,000 square feet, custom built in 2006. With five bedrooms and nine bathrooms, the house has four levels, one of which includes an indoor pool.”

181 living room new

  The 7-Step Guide to Selling a House

“Several factors, including market conditions and interest rates, will determine how much you can get for your home. In other words, home selling is part art, part science, part marketing, and part negotiation.”

 Proposed redevelopment of Fishs Eddy building gets a ‘no’

“The proposed enlargement of the privately owned building, the former location of Fishs Eddy tableware outlet, will increase its size from 9,500 square feet to 28,500 square feet. It requires zoning waivers from the city Board of Standards and Appeals (BSA) to exempt the developers from mandatory floor-area and lot-coverage regulations, and window, lot-lines and side-yard rules.”

Dos And Don’ts Of Selling A House

“Some improvements, such as landscaping, will give your home curb appeal, which helps speed up the sale of your home. Other improvements can help you increase the price of the home and make it more attractive to most buyers. The most popular is updating kitchens and bathrooms. Decks or other additions to living space can also help, but don’t expect to be fully reimbursed for these improvements.”

How to Navigate the Home Buying Process When You’re Self-Employed

Buying a home is daunting for anyone, but it’s notoriously hellish if you’re self-employed. People have a harder time getting a mortgage when they work for themselves, because it’s not as easy to prove you’ve got a steady income. It takes a lot of paperwork: tax forms, letters, licenses. The key to making it all easier is to plan ahead. Here’s what you should do.